Watch: Team Fried In Europe | Episode 2
Chase Stallo


Watch: Team Fried In Europe | Episode 2

Jason Anderson and #TeamFried are back for episode 2 of their European adventure leading up to the 2019 Motocross of Nations at Assen.

Check out Anderson and Zach Osborne riding more sand (there's a pretty good amount of footage from their motos) and some behind the scenes stuff with their buddies Tommy Tenders (Tom Journet) and Fried Rice (Matt Rice), who, ironically, is cooking rice at the very beginning of the episode.

"El Hombre" gives us his game plan for the motos, Wacko Zacho asks if he's officially a member of #TeamFried, or at least how to become a member, and starts talking about food, which leads the group to a similar topic later in the video. Justin Cooper will arrive at the beginning of next week to begin his training so we will see how he is accepted into the #TeamFried group.