Check out Jalek Swoll’s Wild Crash at the Ironman National
Mitch Kendra


Check out Jalek Swoll’s Wild Crash at the Ironman National

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna's Jalek Swoll suffered a big get-off during qualifying for round ten of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. Check out the crash, which was captured by Racer X videographer Tom Journet.

Mason Fietzer Photography on Instagram also captured the crash from a different angle.

Luckily, Swoll was okay after the crash and got going again. However, Swoll suffered a dislocated shoulder later in the second qualifying session, which kept him sidelined lineup for the points-paying motos. Swoll explained the crash in the post-race press release: 

“I was feeling really good and on the last lap, I had the bike sideways over one of the big triples and on the way down there was this weird freak incident and my feet came off the pegs and I just slid through the whole bike. I was trying to grab with my legs but it didn’t happen and I came down on the landing and had a big one. I tried to give the shoulder a go but it was just too weak from the impact on the first crash and kept popping out in the second qualifying. I tried to go out there for the first moto but it wasn’t worth the risk/reward for the day. We’re going to get it evaluated on Monday – I’m going to take my health seriously now and hopefully come back strong next year.”

Glad you see you get up after that one, Jalek!