Awesome Names in the MXGP Paddock
Jason Weigandt


Awesome Names in the MXGP Paddock

Awesome Team Names

Team Honda Redmoto Assomotor
Look, it's actually Ass-O-motor, but you know what you think it says.

BOS Project
BOS is a suspension company, but we think anything that sounds like Boss Project is pretty.... boss.

A1M Husqvarna
We were sad to see our office's long love affair with America Online's Instant Messenger, a.k.a. AIM, come to an end. AOL ended the service—about the only thing they had that still could have been cool—in December. But take a glance at this name and it almost looks like AIM is still around, and now in the racing business! 

Yeah, we know, 1997 called and it wants its AOL back. But, hey, this team even plays along with that. They've signed the ageless Estonian Express, Tanel Leok!

Jumbo No Fear Vamo Honda
No Fear was once a successful brand that ran aground. What could top that? Well, having not just no fear, but JUMBO no fear. What about calling it Jumbo Balls Honda?

KTM Rocket Junior’s
Best name ever if you want your team name to scream "fast young riders!"

Bud Racing/Monster Energy Kawasaki
This is a legit French-based team and Bud Racing builds aftermarket stuff. But you want it to be sponsored by Budweiser so badly!

Awesome Rider Names

Bas Vaessen
Could easily be the name of the next European action movie star.

Vsevolod Brylyakov
Go ahead. Just try to say it. Give it a shot!

Davy Pootjes
Like the Assomotor team above, you know you want to butcher this one for laughs.

Micha Boy De Waal
I think this was either the name of a 1980s WWE star or breakout star of a Euro pop band.