Are Honda Ridgelines Taking Over Moto?
Steve Matthes


Are Honda Ridgelines Taking Over Moto?

I understand that most people in this world are sheep. Most of us are afraid to think independently for stepping out of line, and being the first is a ledge too far for most.

But in moto, it’s starting to happen. Slowly at first, but now the faucet has been cracked open a little more and things are flowing.

You heard it here first: The Honda Ridgeline truck is taking over moto. First it was Ken Roczen, Cole Seely, and Christian Craig. SOME might say they only have them because they’re free since they ride for Honda, but I wouldn’t.

“I’ve had big trucks and cars before and the Ridgeline is a perfect happy medium for me. I’m able to haul just as much stuff as I need to, but it’s also easy to get around in and easy for my wife to drive if she needs to,” Craig told me recently.

Then it was uber-privateer Adam Enticknap joining “Ridgey Nation” (I just made that up). It was a difficult decision for the #722. As any listener of his rap songs knows, he loved his Ford Ranger. But Adam knew that it was time. What did he pick? A Honda Ridgeline.

“I really did love me some Ranger, but it was time for an upgrade,” Enticknap told me. “Every day I drive my Ridgey, it makes me more and more happy. It’s not an F-150 and it’s not a Ranger; it’s that perfect truck right in the middle that you have always wanted.”

The latest member to pick up the 2017 mid-size Truck of the Year (beating Toyota, Nissan, Chevy, and GMC)  is Vince Friese, and we’re sure that he’ll be happy with the truck.

[Editor’s note: Waring! Sponsor plug below.]

Shoutout to PulpMX Show sponsor Honda World of Downey (30 minutes or so from anywhere in L.A.) for giving #722 and Vince a great deal, and actually, while I’m at it, if you want a deal on anything Honda, go down there and mention PulpMX to Steve and he’ll dial you in. 

Before you ass-hats out there shout out that it’s not really a truck, I’ll tell you that it’s not supposed to match up to a Ford F-150 or Toyota Tundra. That would be like riding your buddy’s 250F and saying it feels slower than your 450. It’s a mid-sized truck that’s capable of towing up to 5,000 lbs. and can carry a bike or two back and forth from any track.

No, it can’t tow a space shuttle or giant Sequoia trees like you see in those commercials, but you know who doesn’t need a truck to do that? You, that’s who. About the only thing it doesn’t do well is off-road exploring, so yeah, if you’re a camping out in the desert or mountains type of guy, skip the Honda. For the other 95 percent of you, this is the truck you need.

It drives better than any truck out there; it’s got a trunk for storage, thanks to its uni-body design; and its base model has all the options anyone could need.

Here's a bunch of dudes who were Ridgeline-haters beforehand and are now sad they had to give their truck back. 

Go ahead and drive around in your jacked-up truck that your chick (or you) can’t get into without help. We’ll all watch and laugh as you try to load your bike up and then never tow anything. Perhaps “we’re” compensating for something?

I know it’s a bit scary, but Roczen, Craig, Seely, Enticknap, and Friese can’t be wrong. Dive on in and be different like all of us, you will be surprised.