Alta Releases 2019 Redshift EXR
Chase Stallo


Alta Releases 2019 Redshift EXR

Alta Motors announced a new bike today: the 2019 Redshift EXR. The bike recently made its debut at Erzberg Rodeo, where Ty Tremaine rode it into the main event. In the process, it became the first electric bike to make the main. 

The bike is street legal and will be available in over 60 dealerships nationwide midyear, according to Alta. 

Alta says the top speed is 71 mph and the charge time is one-and-a-half hours (240 v - rapid). The bike features 50hp and weighs 273 pounds (wet). 

Alta says the bike can get 50 miles city commuting, 4-plus hours trail riding and 3-plus 25 min heats vets/backyard moto. As far as we're concerned, this bike could be the ultimate cheat sheet, because, being both street legal and silent, you could conceivably get into any riding area and rip at any time without anyone hearing you or knowing you were there. But, um, you didn't hear that from us. 

The MSRP is $12,495.

Learn more about it on Alta’s website.