Chinese Inventor Develops Flying Motorcycle
Chase Stallo


Chinese Inventor Develops Flying Motorcycle

Are we ready for flying motorcycles? 

According to a recent article in the Sunday Times, Zhao Deli, a 40-year-old living in China’s Guangdong province, has been working on a flying motorcycle project for the past two years and has conducted 1,564 test flights.

The article says he got the idea after watching a video on a similar contraption. After a few disastrous early flights—including the device’s batteries catching fire on the very first flight—the bike can now reach speeds of 43 mph and travel for 30 minutes before the batteries need to be charged.  

Named “Jindouyun” after the “cloud somersault” that the Monkey King performs in Chinese novel Journey to the West, Deli’s ultimate goal is to fly it along the Yellow River, although he says it’s “more of a novelty project.”

The China Daily posted a few photos of it in action: