Additional US Territory MXoN Teams
Jason Weigandt


Additional US Territory MXoN Teams

By Jason Weigandt and Jason "Wheels" Todd

With all of the hubbub surrounding Team Puerto Rico for this year’s Motocross of Nations, we decided to do some research—okay, we just did a google search and used Wikipedia as our source—to see just how many territories the good ole U S of A actually controls, and then—because it was amusing to us—conducted a fantasy draft of riders and placed them on teams to represent each territory. Keep in mind folks, this is purely satire. Also, we realize some of these territories aren’t even inhabited by people, but ehh they’re still U.S. territories. SEE YOU AT REDBUD!

American Samoa

MXGP: Cooper Webb

MX2: Justin Cooper

Open: Guy Cooper

Baker Island

MXGP: Blake Baggett

MX2: Adam Cianciarulo

Open: Ken Roczen

Howland Island

MXGP: Austin Howell

MX2: Austin Forkner

Open: Stone Cold Steve Austin 


MXGP: Jeremy Martin

MX2: Alex Martin

Open: Vann Martin

Jarvis Island

MXGP: Jordan Jarvis

MX2: Hannah Hodges

Open: Kylie Fasnacht

Johnston Atoll

MXGP: Rick Johns(t)on

MX2: Keith Johns(t)on

Open: Jimmie Johns(t)on

Kingman Reef

MXGP: Jason Lawrence

MX2: Gared Steinke (125)

Open: TBA (team entry running late)

Midway Islands

MXGP: Weston Peick

MX2: Vince Friese

Open: Jason Anderson

Navassa Island

MXGP: Cole Seely

MX2: Zach Osborne

Open: Thomas Covington


Northern Mariana Islands

MXGP: Shad Shreed

MX2: Sean Shwilson

Open: Shmarvin Shmusquin

Palmyra Atoll

MXGP: James Stewart

MX2: Ronnie Stewart

Open: Malcolm Stewart 

U.S. Virgin Islands

MXGP: Wil Hahn

MX2: Wil Hahn

Open: Wil Hahn