<em> Gymkhana Ten </em> Is Finally Here
Chase Stallo


Gymkhana Ten Is Finally Here

The wait is over. A new Gymkhana dropped yesterday, and it already has more than 1.3 million views and as of this morning was the #5 trending video on YouTube.

It’s been more than two years since Ken Block and company have released a new Gymkhana video. Since launching the videos in 2008, they have become some of the most popular car videos on the web, with Gymkhana Nine at more than 34 million views on YouTube.

Gymkhana Ten has actually already been out for 10 days, as it debuted exclusively on Amazon Prime as part of The Gymkhana Files documentary. Now it’s free on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. 

Gymkhana Ten, called the “Ultimate Tire Slaying Tour” travels to five vastly different locations and features five of Block’s cars: the Climbkhana 1965 Hoonicorn V2 Ford Mustang, Block’s 2018 World Rally Championship Ford Fiesta, the 1991 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, the Ford Focus RS RX from Gymkhana Nine, and the new 914-horsepower 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck.

“I can’t believe it has been 10 years of making these Gymkhana videos,” said Block in a Monster Energy press release. “That’s wild! So, for number 10, we tried to make it the biggest and best. It was two years in the making—from initial ideation to the launch in The Gymkhana Files on Amazon Prime. It’s insane the effort that went into this one, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. 

“It was rad making The Gymkhana Files and featuring the Gymkhana Ten there for the first time—but, I’m also really happy that we’re now able to make it publicly available on YouTube to everyone worldwide that may not have Amazon Prime,” he continued. “I think viewers across the globe are going to be stoked when they see all of the tyre slaying action we’ve jammed into this one.

"Also, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of my partners on this project, it has been a massive undertaking and I couldn’t have done it without Ford, Forza, Toyo Tires, Pennzoil, Monster Energy, Can-Am and of course my team at Hoonigan. Thank you, everyone!” 

Make sure to stay around for the credits, as Block’s good friend Travis Pastrana makes an appearance (around the 17:30 mark.)

Take 19 minutes out of your day and enjoy Gymkhana Ten:

Main image: Monster Energy