Vlog: Paraplegic Motocross Rider Shreds
Chase Stallo


Vlog: Paraplegic Motocross Rider Shreds

You’ve probably seen Will Posey’s editing work watching the multitude of stuff coming from Red Bull, including the Moto Spy series, General Sipes, and more.

Will’s also an accomplished shooter. He still loves racing, though, and despite a crash last year that left him paralyzed, he’s still out shredding. He competed in X Games Snow BikeCross at Aspen 2019 and earned silver behind the legendary Doug Henry. He’s training to compete again in 2020 and is documenting it, Vlog style.

To learn more about Will and his journey, check out the May 2019 edition of Racer X magazine.

You can also follow Will on Instagram (@willposey821) to keep track of his progress.

Main image: Ian Jeno