#TeamFried Heads to Lommel and MotoGP
Jason Weigandt


#TeamFried Heads to Lommel and MotoGP

#TeamFried continues to change the game. First, the group (Jason Anderson and his buddies Matt "Fried" Rice and Tom "Tommy Tenders" Journet) transformed an additional month of riding and training to prepare for Motocross of Nations from chore to privilege. These boys are having fun and one of them (Anderson) is putting in legit work, also. Zach Osborne also arrived early, so now Team Fried gets to track the work of two thirds of Team USA (Justin Cooper is on his way, we hear all three Team USA members will ride together on Friday).

The group has now published two more videos, the third and fourth installments from Europe. 

First, Zacho and El Hombre got to Lommel (the legendary Euro sand track) for the first time. Unfortunately, Lommel isn't at its insanely rough peak since the GP regulars are way off in China so the track isn't getting hammered like usual. But Jason and Zach are still learning, including taking some lessons from....14-year-old EMX125 racer Kay De Wolfe. The Wolf Man (our nickname) lives right near the track and although he's just 14, fills his role perfectly as one of those sand specialists  lurking in the dark shadows of this facility. Every non-European racer who has lived in Europe and raced the GPs has a story of going riding at Lommel, feeling like they're ripping, and then some European without numbers on his bike wearing unusual gear goes blowing right by. Kay De Wolfe is just the man for the job here. He is really fast! You can go listen to Osborne's podcast with Chad Reed from earlier this year to hear both Zach and Chad explain the sensation of hitting the European sand tracks for the first time. Now we're just seeing it on video.

Osborne says Team USA (and Team Fried) will be back for more, and hopefully by then the GP regulars are back and Lommel is good and hammered. Justin Cooper, by the way, has arrived in Europe and we heard he rode Lommel today but at a different time than when Jason and Zach were there. But then Team Fried snuck this in!

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For the next Team Fried installment, the group then heads to Italy for the San Marino round of MotoGP and as we've noted multiple times here at Exhaust, the stars of road racing LOVE supercross and motocross (most of them actually ride as well for training). Seriously, check out the amount of love Anderson gets from the stars of the sport!

All we can say is, keep it coming, Team Fried. Looking forward to more with J Coop in the posse soon.