Watch: #TeamFried's Euro Tip, the Movie
Mitch Kendra


Watch: #TeamFried's Euro Tip, the Movie

Yesterday on Halloween, #TeamFried gave us a treat of their own: more content!

Although the off-season is about to turn into training camp for most riders in the coming week or two, these aren't clips of Jason Anderson and company training for 2020 (off-season training videos can be tough to come upon sometimes). No, instead this new video provides more behind-the-scenes footage the crew captured while Team USA prepared for the 2019 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. It's still fresh content unsee to our eyes and it's the usually funny stuff on and off the bike that got us hooked on them originally, so it's another video worth a watch.

Right when we thought the lights were out at the #TeamFried house, they came through in the clutch with full-sized candy bars. Watch, Euro Trip: The Movie!