Watch: Justin Barcia Goes Wide Open on Two-Stroke GasGas MC 250
Mitch Kendra


Watch: Justin Barcia Goes Wide Open on Two-Stroke GasGas MC 250

Justin Barcia and two-stroke motorcycles go together like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Well luckily for us, this morning GasGas just gave a nice, freshly made PB&J sandwich for us to dig into as they released a two-minute video of Barcia ripping around on a two-stroke 2022 GasGas MC 250. Turn up your volume, make this sucka’ full screen, and enjoy!

Below is the press release from GasGas

Justin Barcia Puts The Awesome GasGas MC 250 Through Its Paces

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Bam Bam approved! The long-awaited GasGas MC 250 motocross bike is available now from GasGas dealers worldwide. It’s the ultimate 250cc 2-stroke, with a versatile motor that packs tons of torque down low, and, for those who are a little more throttle happy, delivers a high-revving spread of dirt-shredding power up top. Complete with best-in-the-business WP XACT Suspension, the MC 250 soaks up the biggest bumps and jumps with ease while the super-strong Brembo brakes keep things in check when it comes to slowing down. With 2-stroke simplicity and low maintenance costs, all it needs is a full tank of fuel and it’s ready to rip!

  • GasGas MC 250 available now in dealerships worldwide
  • Enjoy 2-stroke simplicity and low running costs
  • Shred the dirt in style with the all-new MC 250
2022 GasGas MC 250
2022 GasGas MC 250 GasGas

Instead of writing about how great the MC 250 is, we decided to show you… by handing one over to American supercross and motocross racer Justin Barcia. Knowing he only rides one way – absolutely wide open – we thought it would be fun to see what the bike could do in the hands of one of the world’s fastest racers. What did he think of it? When he was done blowing out berms at a private track in the rolling Californian hills, he said the MC 250 was “the most fun bike he’s ever ridden!” Solid praise indeed.

Check out the video of Justin in action, be inspired, then get down to your local GasGas dealership today to secure your very own MC 250.

Click here for the full spec of this awesome dirt bike! Availability may differ from country to country.