James Stewart Drops Episode 1 of New <em>Bubba's World</em> Podcast
Mitch Kendra


James Stewart Drops Episode 1 of New Bubba's World Podcast

James Stewart hinted to something on his personal Instagram earlier this week.

Then yesterday he dropped another hint, posting a photo of himself and SevenMX’s Roger Larsen in front of a few microphones, confirming the rumor that Stewart was starting his own podcast.

Well today, the first episode of the Bubba’s World Podcast officially dropped, and it’s worth a listen. The about section on the podcast’s Spotify page says:

“Get an inside look at the current and past events in supercross from the fastest man on the planet, James Stewart on his show Bubba's World.”

Watch a clip from the first episode below:

Listen to the first episode in full below, or on your favorite podcast app, and follow @bubbasworldpodcast on Instagram.