Harley-Davidson Is Now A Sponsor Of A Formula E Team
Chase Stallo


Harley-Davidson Is Now A Sponsor Of A Formula E Team

Harley-Davidson is now a sponsor of a Formula E team. Yes, the American motorcycle manufacturer is getting into electric open-wheel racing. Why, you may ask? Well, Harley is releasing LiveWire (main image), its first electric motorcycle later this year, and this seems like a way to promote it.

Harley announced a “multi-year” partnership with Envision Virgin Racing which will come into effect at this weekend’s FE race in Paris.

“Electric vehicles are at the cutting edge of future mobility conversations globally, and that future is happening now,” said Harley-Davidson’s vice president of product planning and portfolio Marc McAllister. “We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Envision Virgin Racing, one of the leading proponents of Formula E—the highest form of e-propulsion motorsport. The team’s passion, professionalism and commitment to the thrill of electric vehicles matches our own and it’s going to be an incredibly exciting time working with them.”

Envision Virgin Racing is currently second in the 2018/19 teams’ standings with six races left. 

This isn’t the first bid Harley is making into the electric space. In addition to LiveWire, Harley acquired StaCyc, the small company that makes tiny electric dirt bikes, earlier this year. 

Main image: Harley-Davidson